Learning Disabilities

Our Daily support promotes independence for people with Learning Disabilities

Plus Care Givers carers support individuals with a Learning Disability to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Our service is improve the quality of life of Individuals with Learning Disabilities and this includes engaging them with their communities and supporting them to achieve more in their life.

Our care team can support you through education by:

  • Accompanying you to school, college or university.

We also encourage individuals to participate in social events such as:

  • Watching movies
  • Going to the pub
  • Going to church
  • Attending sporting events or participating in sport.

We promote daily living skills, independence and active meaningful life.

Services are coordinated and delivered by our care team who are responsible for personal development, care planning and care coordination.

Our services are responsive and adaptive meaning that when your needs change our services will be adjusted to suit your needs.

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